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Elex show

Well we spent a good couple of days in Manchester for the Elex show at the end of Las week. The Elex show is one of the biggest trade shows for electrical industry featuring everything from tool manufacturers ans suppliers to the makers of components and work wear. It was sad to see a few hadn't turned up most likely in response to the Corona virus pandemic. Despite that it seemed very busy and we were able to pick up a few bargains as well as masses of freebies such as mugs, car fresheners, hats, bags and stacks of catalogues and pens.

By far my favourite purchases was the Knipex 6 in 1 pliers

The 5 in 1 are

1) long nosed pliers

2) 0.5-2.5mm crimper

3) 0.7mm-1.5mm

4) de-burring Edge

5) wire strippers

6) cable shears.

These feel really good to handle and the cutting edge is really sharp. They have a little catch which stops the pliers opening fully to protect the cutting edge whilst allowing the other functions to be usable.

I can't wait to get using them!

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